Stockbridge Flu and COVID Clinics

Stockbridge Flu and COVID Clinics

It’s Fall Flu/COVID Booster Clinic time! Registration is now open for South County vaccine clinics. Stockbridge will host clinics on Tuesday, October 4th at Heaton Court, 10am-12pm and at Town Hall, 1-3pm.

  • Flu shots will be available for anyone 3 and up
  • Pfizer Bivalent COVID-19 Booster will be available for anyone 12 and up, who has already completed their primary vaccine series and had their last shot at least 2 months ago

Both flu and the updated COVID booster shots can be given on the same day. Unfortunately, we will not have egg-free or nasal mist formulations, although they are preservative-free.

Register online here:

Short sleeves, insurance cards, and COVID vaccine cards will be required at the clinic. Questions or trouble registering? Contact Amy Hardt, 413-717-7026. This clinic is being offered by the Southern Berkshire Public Health Collaborative,

Frequently Asked Questions about 2022 Vaccinations

Who needs a flu shot? Everybody! We are expecting this to be a major flu year. Since flu cases were much lower the past couple years with all the distancing and masking, most of us did not develop any natural protection against the flu. Plus, every year there are new flu variants our bodies have not encountered before.

Who needs a Bivalent Booster for COVID?Eligible individuals (see above) are recommended to get the updated booster this fall to reduce their risk of a new COVID infection. Even if an individuals’ risk for severe symptoms with COVID is low, the need to isolate at home for 5 days with this illness can greatly disrupt households, classrooms, workplaces, and even mental health.

Individuals with the highest chances of getting COVID this fall/winter include:

  • Anyone who hasn’t had COVID since January 2022, and even those whose COVID illness was >4 months ago
  • Anyone who hasn’t gotten a COVID booster shot in the past 3 months
  • Anyone who has difficulty mounting a strong immune response to the vaccine or natural infection (usually due to being 65+ yrs or having certain health conditions)

In-home vaccine appointments are being scheduled for those who are eligible. If you or someone you know cannot attend a vaccine clinic due to health or disability issues, contact Amy Hardt, (413) 717-7026 or to set up a time for nursing staff to come out.